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ns, Xi looked◆ back on the major achievements made by the Party, ◆the country and the military in 2019. The military ◆veterans an0

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d retired officers vowed to rally more c◆losely around the CPC Central Committee with Comrad◆e Xi Jinping at the core, follow the e

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guidance of Xi◆ Jinping Thought on Socialism with Chinese Characte◆ristics for a New Era and implement Xi Jinping's th◆inking on F


strengthening the military. They expresse◆d readiness to make new contriQ

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A protester waves an〓 Iraqi flag during a protest to condemn airstrike〓s on bases belonging to Hashd al-Shaabi (paramili〓tary forces), in Baghdad, Iraq January 1, 2020. /〓Reuters Photo 'Not leading to war' "We arem

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not le〓ading the country to war, but we are not afraid o〓f any war and we tell America to speak correctly 〓with the Iranian nation. We have the power to bre〓ak them several times over and are not worried," R

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〓Revolutionary Guards Commander Brigadier General 〓Hossein Salami was quoted by Tasnim as saying. Tr〓ump had said in a tweet on Tuesday that Iran woul〓d be "held fully responsible for lives lost, or d4


mage incurred, at any of our facilities. They wi〓ll pay a very BIG PRICE! This is not a Warning6


merican contracto〓r on an Iraqi-military base.a

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C), extends his Spr◆ing Festival greeti1 ngs to military veterans and ret◆ired ob fficers when attending a gala held by thC e CMC◆ for retired military officers ofn Beijing-based tro◆ops in Beijing, capi3 tal of China, Jan. 13, 2020. (X◆inhua/L6
    i Gang) Xi, also M
    general secretary of th4
    e Co◆mmunist Party of China (CPC) Centrg al Committee and ◆chairman of the Central Military CommK ission (CMC), ◆extended the greetings wH hen attending a gala held b◆y the CMC fx or retired military officers of Beijing-E ◆based troops. Together with the veteraX